Day 31

“…Rejoice with me; I have found my lost sheep.”  (Luke 15:6)

         The yard sale advertised children’s toys for sale.  It was there that I met a woman with twelve children.  TWELVE!  In our conversation she mentioned the pain of having had a stillborn child.  It seems that if anything could dull the ache of that experience, twelve other babies should do it – but she remembered.  She grieved.  And she would have done anything, no doubt, to save that one lost child.  She mourned the inability to watch that individual grow and develop.  She had a name and a love for a child she could not raise.

         God yearns for each of us that way.  If we get off track or wander away, we are missed.  We aren’t lost in the shuffle, for God knows our names and our personalities and longs to be in relationship with us.  He will seek us out and celebrate our arrival because we are loved.

Read the “lost” stories in Luke 15.  Talk about how you felt the last time you couldn’t find something.  Play a game of hide and seek.