Day 6

“And she brought forth their firstborn Son…and laid Him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.”  (Luke 2:7)

         There we were, standing on a street corner in Paris wondering what to do.  My friends and I had spent a month traveling in Europe in the cheapest manner possible to celebrate our college graduation.  But on our last night, when we were tired, hungry and badly in need of showers, “No Vacancy” messages suddenly appeared whenever we entered any hotel.

         The desperation we felt must have been minuscule compared to how Joseph and Mary felt so long ago.  Joseph, trying to be responsible, frantic for a place to shelter his wife, finding rejection at every inn when he implored, “Have you any room?”  Mary, trying to be calm, a young girl, travel-worn, probably hungry, definitely tired, in labor and in a strange city.  We were worried that we might sleep in an alley; Mary worried that she might give birth in the streets.  No room in the inn, until one brave soul took a chance.  One innkeeper looked beyond the grime and was able to host the Messiah. 

Joseph’s question continues to echo through the ages: “Have you any room?”  A hotel suite isn’t necessary, nor is a stable.  Jesus is still searching our hearts where His presence can birth a love which can transform lives.  Perhaps this Christmas, you will be the innkeeper who hosts the Savior. 

What difference would it have made to the innkeeper to realize who was in his barn?