Day 30

“But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.”  (Luke 2:19)

         Have you ever been around people when they are just getting familiar with their first born?  They think if baby hits the towel when she spits up, it is a sign of an elevated IQ.  There is an infection called “parental pride” which makes you believe that your baby is a little more special than any other.  Mary certainly must have felt it.  She had to wonder what was in store for this child whose birthplace was marked by a star.

         Mary looked at her baby, marveling that her first born had been brought from heaven.
God looked at His baby, knowing that His path would lead Him to the cross.

There is no way Mary could have imagined the incredible journey set before her son.  I know that my heart has felt at times so full of love that I thought it might burst, but never have I experienced having “so loved” anything that I would give my child for it.  But God has.  God so loved the world – us – that we have Christmas so that when the time was right we could have Easter.  Christmas was only the beginning of the gift God had in mind for us.  That is something we need to treasure and ponder in our hearts all year round.

Stage a heavenly debate:  Have half the “angels” in your family argue the positive side of Jesus’ coming to Earth, and half argue the down side.  How much should Mary.