Day 26

The priests repaired the wall beyond the horse gate, each one doing the section immediately opposite his own house.”  (Nehemiah 3:28)

         Sometimes looking at the “big picture” results in “big fear.”  There is so much to be done – so many details – so much time that needs to be invested.  Before we even start responding to the dream, we are bogged down with concerns.  The city wall Nehemiah wanted to rebuild was a “big picture” and the slow progress indicated that the picture was overwhelming.

         But each family or small group – daughters, mayors, priests – when given a small section on which to concentrate, succeeded in completing the part of the wall “immediately opposite his own house.”  We don’t need to build the whole wall alone.  We can’t.  But I can build my area as best I can, and when we join efforts the wall will stand firm.

What is your part of the “wall”?