Day 23

Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men.”  (Mark 1:17)

         No pole; no messy worm; no fear of a tangled line, yet you fish.  Constantly in our Christian lives we are trolling, casting about for one who needs to hear that she is loved.  That is what we were called to do.  More than being a fine musician, a successful business person, or an incredible teacher, we were called to be fishers.  We may be baited with great charm or a warm personality, but the hook is Jesus…Jesus who longs to be in relationship with all the lonely, aching “fish” in our world.  So we check our lines today, and pray that our poles are bending under the weight of a lost one who needs to be reeled in to the very heart of God. 

Cut fish shapes out of construction paper.  On each one write the name of someone who needs to know the love of God.  Use the paper for bookmarks, or put them on the refrigerator – anywhere to remind you to “fish” and pray for that person.