Day 21

“You hem me in – behind and before; you have laid your hand upon me.”  (Psalm 139:5)

         There has been much discussion among my friends lately about coincidence.  I have heard stories and read books that challenge the idea of happenstance.  Could it be that certain events are small interjections of God’s love showing up in every day life?  We miss them when we’re not looking for them, and often then we are led to believe that God shows up only occasionally, when it is more likely that we are being given “holy hugs” every day.

         What about Elizabeth’s baby leaping in his mother’s womb when Mary showed up?  How about the star over Bethlehem?  And all those interesting prophesies surrounding the birth of Jesus?  Is it just good timing?  Or did God expend all His energy on orchestrating that one incredible birth?

Since God was interested enough to provide Christmas, it seems He would be interested enough to remain involved in the life He gives us.  The Psalmist sings of God’s constant presence in our lives.  How reassuring!  Wake up with expectation to see God’s hand in your life today.  Watch for the “daily divine” and give thanks!

Share a coincidence, great or small every day this week.