Day 19

“And I confer on you a kingdom, just as my Father conferred one on me.”  (Luke 22:29)

         They missed the moment completely.  Jesus was mourning his impending death, and the disciples offered not understanding but argument about who would be the greatest.  Instead of panic (“They aren’t ready!  This is too soon!”), Jesus responds with one more encouragement; one more reminder of the beauty of service; one more lesson in love.

         Then He says it: “And I confer on you a kingdom…”  Jesus proclaimed the transfer of responsibility to this argumentative, seemingly unready group of disciples.  The concentric circles of privilege and responsibility begin with this statement, and that rippling ring has grown through the generations to encompass us.  We have been “conferred upon.”  The Kingdom is ours to serve and then to confer upon others.

Go to a pond (unfrozen) and throw a rock into the water.  Notice how the initial splash sets a ripple in motion, which creates another ripple, which creates another…