Hope is Always the Theme of Advent

During the Advent season (December 2-23), in an effort to aid your reflection and appreciation for all that Advent entails, we will distribute some devotional thoughts for each day of the season. We will also publish these devotionals each day (beginning this Sunday) on this blog. The paragraphs that follow, written by my wife Dawn Brady Wimmer, serve as an introduction to Advent and to these devotional writings.

Pastor Steve

During Advent we celebrate the first coming of Jesus while anticipating His return. We strive to live as kingdom people in the midst of a fallen world—and hope is the core strength of that exercise. Our decisions, dreams, values and purpose are all based in the belief, the desire…the hope…that the kingdom of God is breaking out among and through us as we make room for His presence in our hearts and make straight the paths upon which we walk.

This stack of thoughts was first developed in 1998 at the request of Women of the Church of God (now known as Christian Women Connection). It was written at a different stage of life and comes complete with ideas of how to respond to the reading with children or in community. These insights still resonate with me and I think might encourage you to sink into the depth and beauty of the season. Steve and I would like to offer these old thoughts in this new place as a gift to you, our church family, South Meridian, as we lean into Advent together for the first time. May our united longing for Jesus bind us and guide us.

May hope be the theme of this Advent.
May hope be the theme of our lives.

Devotional written by Dawn Brady Wimmer, 1998.
Revised 2018 for South Meridian.