Day 12

A push, a shove, a move, a nudge.

The sluggish heart makes way.
Let our freedom ring, and carols sing of newness, of hope, of change.
Our impatience, our pain, our narrowness, and strain, these keep us from casting a calming shadow of direction.
Our expectation of ourselves is huge.  “We will,” we say, then won’t, or don’t.
Yet in the hardest hour we will break; tear apart, separate…or become humble and allow someone outside ourselves to help us do that which we cannot do.
O help us hear what we have not heard before, help us lift the heavy weight of brokenness and put it aside…
For we are all broken…we are all a part of dark hurting thoughts…and we all need a loving hand, a gentle word, a sympathetic ear…a new song.
a Christmas.

by Terry Cain