Day 2

And she brought forth her newborn son…” (Luke 2:7)

    We weren’t expecting to have another baby.  Our schedules were already full, our two girls fairly self-reliant, and our future mapped out.  We had just enough bedrooms, and a loft which was used as a study.  Adding another person to our family meant we would have to rearrange not only our home, but our lifestyles.  It meant we would each need to give up some things in order to welcome this baby into our lives.  So, we made room.  We enclosed the loft, swapped bedrooms, turned the dining area into the computer center and waited to meet this little person who had caused so much upheaval even before he had made an entrance.  The instant we met him all the questions, all the frustrations held secret over this invasion, were melted away by the helpless wail of his newborn cry…and I wondered…did Mary question how to make room for her baby?  Her life was full of plans and limited space, but she said “Yes.”  Because of her son we have been given more spacious hearts, and the picture of God’s power perfected in weakness.  Mary made room in her life for Jesus, but the question today is:  Will you Have Room for Him This Christmas?

List your activities for the month.  Do you have space in your calendar just to read the Christmas story, or listen to Christmas music?  Make room right now.