Meet the Team 


Steve Wimmer

Senior Pastor

Our senior pastor, Steve Wimmer, joined South Meridian in October of 2018 following a long stint (18 years) as a pastor in Alma, Michigan. He hails from the wind-swept plains of Wyoming where it is well known that the antelope and deer both outnumber humans! He enjoys running, gardening, reading and listening to God’s favorite rock band (U2, of course!). Steve is married to Dawn Brady-Wimmer and they have three adult children: Brianna, Sage and Rees and son-in-law Justin (married to Sage). Steve’s deep desire in ministry is, quite simply, to point people toward Jesus Christ and the abundance he creates in our lives.


David Coplin

Associate Pastor of Worship & Assimilation

Our Worship and Assimilation Pastor, David Coplin, has been at South Meridian for nine years. David is a singer/songwriter, guitarist, and piano player. His primary responsibility is putting together our worship experiences at South. He also attempts to help people new to South find their way into the community of faith so that they might be able to call South their home. David is from Northwest Ohio and is therefore a Buckeye (which some would call a worthless nut) at heart. However, he has lived in Anderson for most of his adult life with his wife, Teresa. They raised two wonderful—now married—daughters, Mandy (and Will) and Alaina (and Gabe). Their young grandson, Faisal (pronounced fie-sal), brightens their days and keeps them entertained via Facetime and texted videos. David is a sports enthusiast—really over the top at times. Although it may sound really boring (and probably is), David has fairly recently become an avid reader of history in general and church history specifically.

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Brian Webb

Interim Youth Pastor


Kathi Sellers

Director of Children’s Ministries

Kathi Sellers has been in ministry for 45 years (she started when she was 10 years old!) working as a youth pastor, pastor, and missionary. Her heart is to see kids come to a deep faith in Christ that will sustain them through a lifetime of loving and serving God and people. She is married to Wayne Sellers who works in the county jail (as a chaplain not a resident). She has two charming daughters that are remarkably talented and gifted (hey, she’s a Mom; Moms believe their kids are amazing! They really are!!) She has four delightful grandchildren three of whom reside in Kenya (so she doesn’t get to see them often). She is thankful for every opportunity they have to spend together!

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Dale Landis

Pastor Emeritus

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Grant Alford

Choral Director


Shirley Crisp



Megan Danner

Administrative Assistant/Communications

Teresa Danner

Administrative Assistant


Joel Heffelfinger



Anna Matteson

Assistant Children’s Director


Rhonda Neidert

Business Manager


Lisa Ragsdale

Youth Ministry Assistant


Jeff Sanderford



Rick Webb

Building Manager