Day 16 Lenten Devotion

“Then from the cloud came a voice that said, "This is my Son, my Chosen; listen to him (Luke 9:35!)"

These are the words God the Father speaks about Jesus the Son while Jesus was on the Mt of Transfiguration. Peter, James and John had gone up the mountain with Jesus to pray. While they were there, Jesus was transfigured. His appearance changed and his clothes became dazzling white. Soon he was joined by Moses, the representative of the Torah, the law; and he was joined by Elijah, the representative of the prophets. They appeared in glory and were speaking of Jesus and his near departure. It was there, among Moses and Elijah, in the presence of Peter, James and John, that the voice from heaven spoke. “This one, Jesus, is my beloved son. Listen to him.”

The late Elton Trueblood penned the following words, which might well be thought of as commentary on the Father’s witness to the son: “A Christian is a person who confesses that, amidst the manifold and confusing voices heard in the world, there is one Voice which supremely wins his full assent, uniting all his powers, intellectual and emotional, into a single pattern of self-giving. That voice is Jesus Christ. A Christian not only believes that He was; he believes in Him with all his heart and strength and mind. Christ appears to the Christian as the one stable point or fulcrum in all the relativities of history. Once the Christian has made this primary commitment, he still has perplexities, but he begins to know the joy of being used for a mighty purpose by which his little life is dignified.”