Faith Promise


South Meridian conducts an annual drive toward missions called “Faith Promise.” A faith promise is a personal covenant with God expressing your intention to give a specific amount monthly or annually over the coming year which is over and above tithes and offerings to extend our support of mission outreach beyond the ability of our yearly budget. Following are the mission projects that we support in this way.


Mihsill Family (Cote D’voire/Africa)

Bobby, Jenny, Moore, Rease are helping the national church develop and train leaders for Children of Promise. They also coordinate work camps for their region and teach at the West Africa Bible Institute. Visit

Melki Family (Heart for Lebanon)

Camille & Hoda work at Heart for Lebanon to provide humanitarian aid, relief, and capacity building for marginalized people groups with a particular concern for children. Visit

Work camp/missionary projects

Monies are used to purchase materials for various work camp projects. This fund may also support projects on the mission field that don’t warrant a work camp to complete the projects.

Kurrle Family (Paraguay, Missionary Ventures)

Norberto, Nancy, Mark, Nicole, Anahi, & Dominick work to train and support current pastors in their projects. Norberto has been involved in a broadcasting ministry as well. Visit

torgeson family (costa rica)

Jason, Abby, & Josiah are working to develop the Teach One to Lead One mentoring program for at rick children. They are also involved in training pastors and developing church leaders and nurturing relationships between local congregations, the national church and the larger church abroad. Visit

Children of Promise

Children of Promise is a global, non-profit ministry dedicated to rescuing, restoring, and releasing children from poverty and hopelessness. Visit

Emergency Expenses

This provides disaster relief or for special one-time needs.

Hope Hill (Family Connections, Inc.)

Hope Hill provides a safe therapeutic environment for young women in crisis. Visit

Miller Family (Muncie, IN)

Cary, Chris, Ashley, & Daniel work with Cru on the Ball State campus. They build relationships with students one-to-one and meet in groups to share with one another. They also do Bible based studies together. Visit www.cru.og.