Adult Sunday School

Joining a Sunday School class is an ideal way to grow in your faith and understanding. In Sunday School we study Scripture, learn how to apply Scripture to our lives & spur each other on toward living out our Christian faith. At South Meridian our classes are always open and our member are always eager to welcome new faces. Attending is easy. There is nothing you need to know about the Bible beforehand. You won’t be put on the spot to read or answer questions. Just show up and enjoy the fellowship!

Sundays, 9:15-10:15 am

early adult class

Leaders: Joel & Jenni Westman

This class is for young adults ages 18-24. Currently, the class is studying the book of Acts. The class also tries to get together monthly for a lunch or a Friday/Saturday game night. 


Leaders: Scott & Linda Erny, Brian & Tara Forster, Steve & Laura Stull

This class is a Sunday School class focusing on marriage and family topics and growing together in a safe, caring community.


Leaders: Tom Hackler & Joe Arena

This class has a wide age range of adults from the age group of late 50’s to mid 80’s, but we welcome any and all who would like to join us in a very vibrant study of the Word of God. We take our studies directly from Scripture and make application to today’s life and the needs of those who attend. We welcome an open discussion about the relevance of and the truth in the Scripture. We place a special emphasis on a time of prayer for individual concerns and community prayer and praises.



Leader: Debby Bookout

This class includes some of our seniors who continue to display a desire to learn how to be better Christians. Even though we are more mature and have years of experience, we know that God’s not finished with us yet. This class uses the Church of God Bridges curriculum. Each study includes a discussion of Scripture and its application to our lives.


Leaders: Sharon Binkerd, Brent Baker, Stephen Ragsdale, Scott Green, Christine Erny & Anne Garrett

The New Life class is a place where God’s Word is seen as a deep and continual source of life and nourishment. Curiosity about God and His Word to us is encouraged, and thought-provoking discussion is invited. New Life offers a warm, caring, and inviting atmosphere where newcomers and visitors are welcomed. The class represents a broad range of ages and stages of life.


Leaders: Dale Landis & Paul Lund

This is a group of “50 plusers” who meet together with the goal of spiritual growth, development, and fellowship. A variety of lesson materials are used including DVD lessons, topical studies, book studies, studies focusing on themes or books of the Bible, studies of Church of God doctrine, and lessons that go deeper into the current preaching series. An open invitation is extended to all who would like to attend.

Breakfast with God’s Family

Every third Sunday of the month many gather for a light breakfast and fellowship in the fellowship hall. All are welcome! Breakfast is served between 8:45 and 9:15.