Sunday School Classes

Sundays 9:15-10:15 am, No Sign Up Necessary!

Family Matters

Room: 208
Leaders: Scott & Linda Erny, Brian & Tara Forster, Steve & Laura Stull

A Sunday School class focusing on marriage and family topics, and growing together in a safe, caring community. We are currently studying 1 Corinthians and in May will begin a discussion on Spiritual Disciplines based on selected readings from Devotional Classics, edited by Richard Forster. No sign up necessary.

fellowship class

Room: 207
Leaders: Joe Arena, Hank Smith

Joe & Hank co-teach this class that consists primarily of people in their 60's and 70's, but the class is certainly not limited to this age group! Members of this close-knit class really care for one another. We place a great emphasis on prayer during class and also support each other in prayer throughout the week. Teaching focuses on biblical application to our daily lives. No sign up necessary.

friendship class

Room: 101, Friendship Room
Leader: Debby Bookout

This class includes some of our seniors who continue to display a desire to learn how to be better Christians. Even though we are more mature and have years of experience, we know that God's not finished with us yet. this class uses the Church of God Bridges curriculum. Each study includes a discussion of Scripture and its application to our lives. No sign up necessary.

new life class

Room: FH East, Fellowship Hall
Leaders: Sharon Binkerd, Ellen Peirson, Allyson Baker

The New Life class is a place where God's Word is seen as a deep and continual source of life and nourishment. Curiosity about God and His words to us is encouraged, and thought-provoking discussion is invited. New Life offers a warm, caring and inviting atmosphere where newcomers and visitors are welcomed. The class represents a broad range of ages and stages of life. No sign up necessary.

one accord class

Room: FH West, Fellowship Hall
Leaders: Dale Landis, Paul Lund

This is a group of "50 plusers" who meet together with the goal of spiritual growth, development, and fellowship. A variety of lesson material is used including DVD lessons, topical studies, book studies, studies focusing on themes or books of the Bible, studies of Church of God doctrine and lessons that go deeper into current preaching series. An open invitation is extended to all who would like to attend. You will be welcomed! No sign up necessary.

Wednesday Night Adult Classes

Ambassadorship 101

Room: 101, Friendship Room, enter through Entry 'A' only
Leader: David Neidert

"Equipping believers for growth and service by encountering God through His Word." This Bible study encounters Scripture chapter by chapter of Old and New Testament books for the purpose of growth and service as ambassadors for God through Christ. This fall, we will be studying the book of Colossians. Open to all adults, no sign up necessary.

the guardians

Room: 208, enter through Entry 'A' only
Leader: Pastor Mike Snyder

The Guardians is a group for anyone who is raising a child or teenager. We meet once a month to encourage, support, receive training, and share stories with one another. This quarter we will be training from the book Crucial Conversations (by Kerry Patterson) about how to communicate well with our kids, especially about though things. No sign up necessary. If you would like to learn more about this group, please contact Pastor Mike Snyder.

For more questions or more information on Adult Classes, contact Pastor Kylee Larson.